Friday, September 30, 2011

~Junie B.~

So I have a black pug named Junie B. (like the Junie B Jones books they were my fav when i was little) She is like my kid...I know for some that's weird but when you have a dog since the day they were born (we have her mother) Then you can't help but think that! She is 3 years old. She is my Dog obedience dog for 4-H. i know this is hard to believe but out of the three years I have used her she has gotten GRAND CHAMPION OBEDIENCE ALL three years at our county fair and last year She got GRAND CHAMPION ant the Eastern Idaho State Fair....Some people laughed when they saw me with a pug...BUT SHE SHOWED THEM!!!! HAHAHAH! sorry i have to laugh because pugs are ranked really low in obedience...but not JuneBug! (yes she has many nick names- Junie-June-B-junebug) She is the only pug I know who can go outside without a leash and not run away! :D

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