Friday, September 30, 2011

~Junie B.~

So I have a black pug named Junie B. (like the Junie B Jones books they were my fav when i was little) She is like my kid...I know for some that's weird but when you have a dog since the day they were born (we have her mother) Then you can't help but think that! She is 3 years old. She is my Dog obedience dog for 4-H. i know this is hard to believe but out of the three years I have used her she has gotten GRAND CHAMPION OBEDIENCE ALL three years at our county fair and last year She got GRAND CHAMPION ant the Eastern Idaho State Fair....Some people laughed when they saw me with a pug...BUT SHE SHOWED THEM!!!! HAHAHAH! sorry i have to laugh because pugs are ranked really low in obedience...but not JuneBug! (yes she has many nick names- Junie-June-B-junebug) She is the only pug I know who can go outside without a leash and not run away! :D


I LOVE movie nights! they are the best...especially when its a sleep over and your dead tired during the first one then you pop in the second and you are WIDE awake! :D then you laugh and go "OOO" and "AAAA"
 Last night i stayed over at my BESTEST BEST friends Nicona's house...IT Was a BLAST! :D    we watched beastly and decided we wanted to be the girl and have that happen to us...


Thursday, September 29, 2011


Don't you just hate mornings? I DO! i am a night owl...i aint no early bird...*Sigh*............. I'm just sitting here at my computer wondering what will happen in my day today...I hope it goes well Lets just say that in the morning i go to a Choir classs....and well SOOO Many people in there think they are the best singers in the world but they really aren't... I'm NO professional but I know when people can sing and when they can't. Sometimes i want to recorede them then make THEM suffer through what i'm hearing...
 So I'm an ALTO (WE RULE! SAPRANOS ARE JUST HIGH AND SQUEAKY! (Love ya sisters)) and the only problem with my group ( i have the right and privilege to call them MINE because im the alto section leader)....some sing the correct and say a few others..then all the others sing the saprano part!...the one thing i don't understand is how since the piano RIGHT next to us is playing OUR part...then there are some i have NO idea what they are singing..they just do their own little thing...

well i will keep you updated on chior every so often


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~Ice CReaM~

...ah....there is nothing like a Drive-In milk Shake and listening to Disney Music (Hercules to be exact).....Its my dream to be a famous singer...then Disney would maybe ask e to be a voice of a character... I REALLY want them to make a Disney movie with horses in the whole movie is about them...and i would be the lead women role...I LOVE acting and it would be cool making a cartoon. :D  

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27th_ the beggining

Well hi!
 My name is Carrieann
Just for tha sake of all you people....This blog is about me and for my (sometimes) "Venting" needs....Sometimes you just can't hold things in if you know what i mean...So i figures a blog would be the best place to help do this...:D      Well I will be using "CODE" names for people I will be talkin if i use your name and you know you never did that....then im sure your okay! and im not talking about you....I am going to try to write posts as often as bear with me PLEASE!

Today is a Tuesday and in high school that means a B-Day...

     In my high school we have A-DAYS and B-DAYS. we have 4 different blocks each day. 

My day started up as normal...wake up at 6- get ready for school- then head to school at seven for Swing Chior (Woo!...hint: I'm saying WOO! sarcastically) .....then at 7:43 got out and went to my first block...................Okay so i know this is kinda boring right now...But i haven't fully gotten CODE names for everyone and so im not going into much detail just yet......My first block is math, then i have parenting, then english, then i have study hall....

Well im going to stop right there instead of bore you anylonger....i will post soon and actually have CODE names....and tell you about some of the people who i REALLY DESPISE! and THEY WHO ANNOY the CRUD out of me....Well well see ya..