Monday, October 31, 2011

I stayed up late last night. i couldn't sleep so i wrote in my journal...i wrote A LOT!  i love looking back on previous dates and talk about them..:D i especially like the ones in Middle School....Im amazed at how crazy i I love to write in my journal so then my kids can read about my teenage years and see that i really did go through some crazy things and that i was also once a kid. i especially like to look back on old photos and see how much i have matured. Trust me I have A LOT since i was in 6th a Jr. I already have SRitis as they call it. i think i am just escited to go off to school
and meet new people..
.especially boys... ;)

I am not quite sure what im going into just yet or what school... I have kind of an idea what and where though. we will just have to see though.

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